April 28, 2009

ANZAC Day 2009

Saturday was ANZAC day, we didn't attend a dawn service as Evan is a little young for that and would not understand what is going on but that is something I would like to do in the near future! After reflecting what it means to us that morning we went out to Burleigh beach and the park again. We like going there as it is such a lovely beach and walk and Evan really loves the park there too!

Ollie and Evan enjoying themselves on the slide as usual....Evan can never get enough of the slide at the moment hehe

Evan being the big boy that he is climbing up the ladder.

My boys running off without me as they can't wait to get onto the beach.

Evan picking up lots of pebbles to throw into the sea with his big brother keeping a watchful eye.

Evan caught in action throwing a pebble.......I love this picture.

Ollie trying not to smile but it didn't quite work lol

Once we got home from the beach Evan put the film WALL.E on and this was him relaxing and watching the movie.

Ollie got his nose stuck into a book as usual.....I think this is the 3rd time round for reading the Harry Potter series!

So whilst my boys were happy with what they were doing, I decided that I would make an apple crumble and everyone was certainly happy with that decision yummmmmmmmmm

April 24, 2009

Wordless 'Saturday'......

It's moved for this week!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Wordless Wednesday this week has been moved to Saturday!!!! I have decided to do this for ANZAC Day as a sign of respect and in memory to all those that have and still are serving in the forces. Lest we forget!